Tourist board Vrata Papuka

Our agency is proud to have been selected as the marketing partner for TZP Vrata Papuka, a stunning tourist destination in Croatia. We have developed a comprehensive marketing plan that includes media buying, social media campaigns, and tourism worker education.

Media Buying and PR

We have secured placements for Vrata Papuka in a variety of high-profile media outlets, including national and regional travel websites. These placements will help to raise awareness of the park among potential visitors.


Social Media Campaigns

We are running engaging social media campaigns on platforms such as Meta (Facebook) and Instagram. These campaigns are designed to promote the destination’s unique attractions and activities, and to encourage visitors to book their trips.

Tourism Worker Education

We provided training for tourism workers in the Vrata Papuka region to help them provide better service to visitors. This training covered topics such as customer service, digital marketing, PR, as well as how to manage private houses for rent (sales and marketing).

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