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We’re a digital agency mainly focused on Web Interactions and Content marketing. 

As a marketing agency with a focus on tourism, we understand the importance of promoting and highlighting the unique experiences and attractions that different destinations and hotelst have to offer.

Our team of experts is dedicated to crafting customized marketing strategies that effectively showcase our clients’ offerings while helping them reach their goals.

Our approach emphasizes building strong relationships with travelers by creating engaging content and implementing targeted messaging across various platforms. Through our comprehensive services such as branding, social media management, website design, public relations, events planning, and promotional campaigns, we help our clients drive traffic to their facilities and increase overall engagement with their target audience. 

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We visualize
your brand

aka graphic design

You know the plot. You have seen it in every movie. But, this is your movie. Share your goals, and we will build the best scenario for your brand. Logo, promo materials and sales materials. Need a starting point? Just call us.

Digital marketing

advertising, media buying and PR

Are you thinking about online promotion of your products and services? Why not use digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube? Dont worry, you dont have to do any of the work – we will do it all for you!

We will shape the story for you

content production

Need to shape some word around your product or service? Its so hard. We know it. How long should the text be? Should I use bullets? Ah, what photo to put next to it? Should I simply post a video? Why dont I just post this on social media? Hmm….So many questions. We can provide some answers.


let us build your own platform

Let our wizards do all the work. Copy, photos, design. You say it, we do it. Lets go behind the scenes and create some magic. Magic that will sell for you.

FREE travel guide download:
Međimurje, Croatia

Apart from being home to exceptional wines, it delights visitors with overwhelming gastronomic delicacies and spacious nature. Meet the Croatian green garden, the cradle of food and wine culture, with a tradition perfectly balanced between the past and the future.


Case study: Sukha Vacation House

In 2021 we opened our first rental property Sukha Vacation House as a part of S Collection. It was our long-time dream, and now we did it. With a unique story that promotes Mindfulness vacation in the nature of Croatia, we managed to target a unique niche of travelers that respect the peacefulness of our property and location.


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