Slastičarnica Orijent, Zagreb

We are excited to unveil the newly designed website for Slastičarnica Orijent, one of Zagreb’s oldest and most cherished patisseries. Our collaboration aimed to blend tradition with modern digital convenience, ensuring that the rich history of Orijent is showcased through a contemporary, user-friendly online platform.

Website Design and Development

Our design approach for the Slastičarnica Orijent website was inspired by the elegance and timelessness of their confectionery creations. We incorporated vintage design elements that echo the patisserie’s long history, alongside modern features that today’s customers expect. The site is visually rich yet clean, allowing stunning photographs of their pastries to take center stage.

Features and Functionality

To enhance customer interaction, we integrated an easy-to-use online ordering system, enabling visitors to place orders directly from the menu showcased on the site. A dynamic product gallery was developed to highlight the variety of sweets, cakes, and pastries offered, complete with detailed descriptions and allergen information.

We also implemented a responsive design to ensure the website is accessible and provides an optimal viewing experience across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

SEO and Content Strategy

To increase online visibility, we tailored an SEO strategy specifically for the local Zagreb market, focusing on keywords related to traditional pastries and desserts. Engaging content that tells the story of Slastičarnica Orijent’s heritage and craftsmanship helps to connect with both new and loyal customers, driving both traffic and engagement.


The new website for Slastičarnica Orijent not only pays homage to its historic roots but also bridges the gap to a modern clientele. This digital transformation allows Orijent to reach a wider audience while maintaining the charm and quality that Zagreb residents have loved for generations.

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