Nature Park & UNESCO Geopark Papuk

Papuk Nature Park is certainly one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia, and also the first Croatian geopark under UNESCO protection. Papuk Nature Park is a hilly and mountainous area that stretches over the Požega- Slavonia and the Virovitica- Podravina counties. Its area of 336 km2 is characterized by geological and biological diversity and valuable cultural and historical heritage. We are proud of the fact that Papuk is the most geologically diverse area in Croatia, as well as the fact that as much as 96% of Papuk is covered with forest. Papuk is also home to the smallest lizard in Croatia, the European copper skink, and the Papuk grasslands are adorned with as many as thirty species of orchids. Here we have as many as 200 kilometers of marked hiking and biking trails, so … let’s start exploring!

What we did

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