Are you renting a place? Let us help you build your business.


Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Rent Your Property


Where to start?

For: private renters, AirBnb & hosts that want to build up their business in order to get better results.

Are your property management systems equipped with a proactive marketing strategy? Simply putting up a “for rent” sign on the street corner is not enough to attract potential visitors. It’s time to take your marketing game to the next level and make your property SHINE. By doing so, you can become an AirBnB Superhost and stand out from the competition. Let us show you how.

What can you expect?

Simply relying on a “for rent” sign on a street corner is no longer sufficient. To effectively market your property, it is essential to expand your reach online and within the communities you serve.


Set your facility apart from the competition.


Achieve a higher selling price on the market


Achieve a higher occupancy throughout the year


Improve your product selling points

How we can help?

Let us create your story, visualise it, explain it and distribute it to your targeted market. 


We can design your story


Set up your sales & marketing processes


Set up your channel manager and connect / AirBnb


Write and execute your marketing strategy


Build you a custom website acording to your needs


We can take care of your entire journey

Do you know that with an unique storytelling approach you can get higher selling price?

Target your audience, target your marketing

If you don’t have a specific target market, you need to refine your focus. Understand the location of your place and promote benefits  that the area offers. 

Get social

Social media plays a prominent role in the lives of most of us. Create social media accounts if you don’t have them already, including accounts like Instagram and Pinterest that focus on visual content and allow you to share photos of property and area. Maintain a consistent posting rate of several posts per week to maintain an active online presence, and post articles related to industry news and best practices along with advertisements for your properties. 

Use word of mouth

People will talk, and you can use this to your advantage. Ask your customers to write recommendations for your website or Google my Business and give them incentives for sending friends your way. The more you can encourage them to give you a positive buzz in the community, the easier it will be to find new visitors for your properties. Also, Influencers are a great way to reach a wide number of audience – just be careful with influencer choice. 

Use technology to save time and reach more travellers

If the words, AirBnB and reservation management system scare you, then you should think about outsourcing your sales team. Get a quality channel manager and save time and money, and in the same time reach more travellers. 

Case study: Sukha Vacation House

In 2021 we opened our first rental property Sukha Vacation House as a part of S Collection. It was our long-time dream, and now we did it. With a unique story that promotes Mindfulness vacation in the nature of Croatia, we managed to target a unique niche of travelers that respect the peacefulness of our property and location.